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HPC 28" Outdoor Fireplace Burner - H-Burner - Electronic Ignition - Dual Step Series- (EI)



HPC 28″ Outdoor Fireplace Burner – H-Burner – Electronic Ignition – Dual Step Series


HPC is broadening the field of outdoor gas fires by introducing a new line of Outdoor Gas Fireplace Burners. Ideally suited for retrofit or new construction applications, these Outdoor Fireplace Burners come in two distinctive styles: A Dual Step Burner in two sizes; and a Linear Burner that comes in six sizes (up to 87” long)!

How It Works
Start-Up: This is done by the use of a wall switch or remote control. When the ON command is received, the system completes initial safety checks then starts the flow of pilot gas. After 5 seconds the hot surface igniter glows igniting the pilot flame. When the system confirms the pilot flame is present, the main burner gas will flow ignited by the pilot flame.

Operation: While enjoying the ambiance of your fire pit, the system is at work monitoring flame status, internal temperatures/voltages, and other safety parameters. If flame loss does occur, the system will turn off all gas flow, and then restart by automatically commencing the Start sequence.

On/Off Models: Includes the convenience and safety features- optional remote control available. Bluetooth High / Low Flame Control Models: This option includes a smart remote and App via smart device control with 2-way communication with the fire pit. Remote allows flame height control while receiving
information from fire pit to advise the user of fire pit status (flashing LED).

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply use a wall switch, remote control, or whole house system.

  Benefits of a Dual Step Insert:

  • Bluetooth Electronic Ignition and Flame Sense Models
  • CSA Certified for Safety Assurance
  • Low Profile with Multiple Media Choices
  • NEMA-rated Valve for Weather Resistance
  • *Lifetime Warranty on burners and pan


  • Lifetime Warranty on Burners and Pans
  • 2 sizes are available to fit the most popular outdoor fireplaces 36” & 42” in width
  • H-Burner design with the rear leg elevated
  • The burner pan is rear height adjustable for flame presence flexibility
  • Weep holes integrated with the burner for water shedding
  • Stainless Steel, Powder Coated Black