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Get the answers you need for your electric fireplace


Will my Electric Fireplace plug into any standard outlet?

Absolutely, all of our electric fireplaces are ready to plug into any standard 120V household outlet. Our units are designed to be simple and inexpensive to install.


How much space will my electric fireplace heat?

Our Wall Mount electric fireplaces and Zero Clearance models 33-P and 39-P can function as supplemental heat source for rooms 15′-20′ (approx. 400 square feet). Remaining Built-In models add ambiance to a room without heat and have no fan or heat output.


Your Title Goes Are electric fireplaces cost-efficient?

Electricity rates vary depending on location, but electric is on average much cheaper than other forms of heating your home. On average electricity rates are $.02/hour without heat and $.07/hour with heat. Electric fireplaces are a terrific option for zone heating. For comparison; gas fireplace manufacturers regularly advertise running costs of $.23/hour.


Is it safe to move the fireplace to another location once it is assembled?

Yes, the fireplace, once assembled, is sturdy and is safe to move.